METU Computer Club - KODTÜ Programming Contest

The contest is over! We thank you for being a part of it, and hope that you have enjoyed it as much as we did.

First 3 Teams

  1. BALs (Hasan Bal, Sevgi Metin)

  2. Voltran (Mehmet Utku Düzen, Batuhan Karaca)

  3. Give me your answer, do! (Rıfkı Kürşat Vuruşan, Ercüment Yıldırım)

You can check out the problems from the archive.

You can also give us feedback by filling the form in the link below.

Application Form

We are very happy to announce KODTÜ, the second time of our annual programming contest among METU students 🤯. The competition will be held online, on the 27th of February Saturday, between 11.00 - 16.00. Anyone can participate, but only teams consisting of METU students will be eligible for prizes. You can compete individually or in teams of 2.

KODTÜ is a programming contest in which the goal is to prepare solutions for the given problems. Those solutions should satisfy the given time and memory limits. The format will be similar to ACM ICPC and, the goal is to be the first team that solves all problems. You can see the contests which we held in the previous year's from and test yourselves.

You can apply to KODTÜ (in which's applications are between February 1st-February 25th) from the link below.

Good luck 🏆.

Application Form




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