Contest Rules

  • Competitors who brute-force the judge system or who take advantage of the possible bugs of the system will be disqualified.

  • Contest will be made through this site.

  • You can use the languages specified on this page in the competition.

  • The competition will be held in the form of one online round that lasts for 5 hours.

  • Everyone can join the competition. But only undergraduate students from a department of METU can win prizes. Only the teams from METU will be sorted in order to distribute prizes.

  • You can participate in the competition individually or as a team. Teams can consist of up to 2 people.

Supported Languages

  • C
  • C# (Mono)
  • C++
  • Dart
  • Fortran
  • Go
  • Haskell
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Lisp
  • NASM
  • PHP 7
  • Perl
  • Prolog
  • PyPy 2
  • PyPy 3
  • Python 2
  • Python 3
  • Racket
  • Ruby 2
  • Rust


  • Does it matter which deparment/university I study?
  • No, there is no prerequisite in order to participate.

  • Is there any prerequisites for winning prizes?
  • Yes, all of your team members should be studying in a department in METU in order to win any of prizes.

  • What are my options if the programming language I want to use is not in the valid programming language list?
  • You can contact us. If we deem it proper, you may use it.

  • How can I participate?
  • To participate, all you have to do is to fill the application form between November 19 - December 5.


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